Boycott Qatar 2022 (including all sports broadcasts)

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Michael Amloh
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Amnesty International Sveriges arbete för mänskliga rättigheter

Boycott Qatar 2022 (including all sports broadcasts)

As a symbol of solidarity with all the victims of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar (primarily all the deceased construction workers and their families) and in protest against the widespread corruption within FIFA that has secured hosting rights for at least the last successive 5 World Cups I want to call on my friends, family, and fellow football supporters to boycott the World Cup, including all sports broadcasts of the tournament. Local organisers, FIFA and event sponsors all have the blood of the deceased construction workers on their hands as a result of their complicity in sub-standard working and living conditions for migrant workers, human rights violations and ongoing support of the tournament in spite of these issues. I want to hit FIFA, local organisers and the sponsors where it hurts most: their back pocket! Let’s boycott the World Cup, reduce the return on their investment by harming their advertising value/revenue and send a clear signal to FIFA that human rights matter! Instead of sitting on the couch and watching the tournament I propose to run as many 10km runs as I can during the course of the tournament in memory of the nearly 10 000 migrant workers estimated to have lost their lives during the construction of Qatar’s WC stadia and surrounding infrastructure, not to mention the thousands more who were subjected to terrible human rights violations. Let’s do something positive for marginalised and powerless migrant workers by sending a message to the powerful millionaires and billionaires who exploit them by raising money for Amnesty International, who do so much to combat human rights abuses around the world
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  • Nathan Farr Nathan Farr gav 200 kr

    Fuck FIFA and fuck Qatar!

    Michael Amloh Michael Amloh: Language tiger!! 🐯 Cheers for your support mate! ❤️⚽️
  • Malin  Hermansen Malin Hermansen gav 200 kr


    Michael Amloh Michael Amloh: Tack hjärtat! ❤️❤️
  • Fredrik Olsson Fredrik Olsson gav 20 kr

    Ingen kan göra allt, men alla kan göra något…

    Michael Amloh Michael Amloh: Legend mate! ❤️🤠👊
  • Jessica Andersson Jessica Andersson gav 50 kr

    Michael Amloh Michael Amloh: Tusen tack Jessica!! ❤️
  • Dodie Towell Dodie Towell gav 100 kr

    I'm not a football fan, so wouldn't be watching anyway. I do however know how much it means to you, and your passion is contagious. Every little helps.

    Michael Amloh Michael Amloh: You’re a bloody legend Dodie! Always supporting my campaigns! Wishing you, Waz and the girls a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁
  • Michael Amloh Michael Amloh gav 300 kr

    Måste väl föregå med ett gott exempel! Jag kickstarter kampanjen! :-D